March 17, 2016

Moon Light Pharmaceuticals (AYU)


This medicine producing company started its production in October, 2013. It produces Ayurvedic medicines which has no side effects and very useful for various diseases.
The production system is totally hand free and total process is managed by hi-tech machineries. The raw materials are collected from China, India and the local resources. The selection of good raw materials is given high priority. Every medicine has to pass several quality checking layers governed by highly professional and expert pharmacists and chemists.
In our capsule section there are PLC controlled blister and Alu Alu machine. And in dehumidy fire section there are capsule polishing, sealing and filling units. For medicine production purified water is most important need and so we have planted our own water treatment plant. Our all products is synthetic and chemical free.
We are using DT machine, discentrogation machine, desolation machine, molting point machine, moisture analyzer, analytical balance, lick test machine, oven, microscope, PH meter, center fuse for production in our company. We believe in betterment, so we have started our R&D sector and lab facilities are in development process.

Our Products:


I. Indigestion problem of infant II. Flatulence III. Abdominal pain IV. Dyspepsia V. Indigestion problem of the children at the time of developing teeth

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