March 17, 2016


The Moon Light Group is a name which is continuing it’s journey with tradition and newness. After its establishment in 1951 by medicine business it is continuing it’s service for the country and general people. Now it is providing its services in health, agriculture, consumer products, social and economic sector. It’s goal is to give service to the general people, thus contribute to the development of the country and you are a significant member of our journey.

Brief history of Moon Light Group
Well renowned Name Moon Light was first formed back in 1951 by Mr. Abdus Sattar. He started his business in a medicine store. The journey of becoming this small business to a group is initiated by his son Mr. Abdul Gaffar. By his intellectual and hardship this group is now very much successful in various sectors. He is the present Managing Director of Moon Light Group. Other Board Members like Md. Abul Baser, Razia Sultana, Khaleda Begum, Umme Salma and Setara Begum; son and daughters of Md. Abdus Sattar, are the cornerstone of this Group. The Chairperson of this group is Seleza Begum; wife of Md. Abdus Sattar.